February 16, 2019 | Melissa Shively
From April through October - Saturday mornings in Boise are meant for the Boise Farmer's Market(BFM). This week the BFM had some big news to share about their new location!

Beginning April 6th, the Boise Farmer's Market will be located in the parking lot between Americana Blvd., River St., and Shoreline Dr. 

What does this mean for patrons? Well, I think many people will miss the sights of 8th St and walking through the streets of downtown Boise, along with the convenience of hopping into the nearby coffee shops and other local stores, before, during or after your market trip. However, the new location will offer lots of free parking and more space which means more vendors.

The BFM plans to add fun new events, classes and activities for both kids and adults. They are reminding their fan's though, that their focus will always be ag and the new location will help them continue their mission.

What are your thoughts on the new location for BFM?



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